kari fisher

The Seasons and the Beaches Change


I found a beach--

It's secluded, and it's mine.

My new favorite place in the world

But I need you to make love to me there

Before the seasons change

And it's too late.”

“Yes,” he promised. “Of course.”

But then the first snowflake fell

And he still hadn't touched me

With my back to the sand--

While I looked at the clouds

and sought inspiration for new poetry.

The seasons change

And the snow came--

He still hadn't touched me.

Now eight long months we'd wait

to find this opportunity again,

But I can guarantee that with the months

The seasons will change

And so will my heart--

By that time,

the snow will no longer be on the ground

But my heart will no longer be with him

Or the beach I used to love.